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RotaDyne manufactures a complete line of reasonably-priced press ready rollers for your Heidelberg presses available for immediate delivery from stock on our roller exchange program.

The following Heidelberg presses are available in our press ready program:get Adobe Reader

(Adobe PDF format, requires viewer.)

  • Quickmaster DI
  • Quickmaster/Printmaster 46
  • GTO-46
  • GTO-52
  • Speedmaster 52
  • MO
  • SORK
  • SORM (Old-Style)
  • Speedmaster 72 (Drupa)
  • Speedmaster 74
  • 74 CD
  • Speedmaster XL 75
  • SORD (Old-Style)
  • SORD (New-Style Drupa)
  • SORS (Old-Style)
  • 102 (New-Style Drupa) Light Cores
  • 102 (New-Style Drupa) OEM Cores
  • 102 (New-Style Drupa) UV
  • 105XL

Our rollers are engineered to provide extended life and the highest quality, backed by decades of experience from RotaDyne, and resistant to most pressroom chemistry.

Our proprietary rubber compounds impart dimensional stability, which reduces heat in your printing units, resulting in improved ink flow and reduced blanket piling. Furthermore, our roller compounds offer reduced shrinking and swelling properties resulting in reduced maintenance from roller resetting.

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