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Single Width Web

Our single width press ready web rollers are manufactured to OEM specifications and are available for immediate delivery, allowing you to reduce your in-house inventory.

Our Premier web compound has been specially formulated for single width web presses.  Premier has improved print-ability through exceptionally uniform ink distribution, solvent and ink resistance, low heat build-up, shrinkage/swelling/hardening resistance.  Premier brings you extended roller life yielding more impressions between roller specifications.

With RotaDyne press ready rollers, you will not be charged for returning old worn out rollers and you will never have core repair charges.

Every single width press ready web roller includes new cores and bearings.  We ship each single width web roller its own individual special sleeve packaging.  Also, freight is free on orders of 12 or more rollers.

The following presses are in-stock for immediate delivery to you:get Adobe Reader

(Adobe PDF format, requires viewer.)

  • Goss Community, Urbanite, Suburban
  • Dauphin 430
  • Manugraph DGM
  • Tensor Press
  • Harris M-110 A/B/C, M-200, NC400, V15, V25, V30


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